Building design in public spaces

After 8 years, the teacher leaves his class. For this, a suitable farewell gift should be designed. As a thank you, the students want to make the table top for a mosaic table.


After drawing the designs, the most beautiful motif is selected.


On a Saturday, the 35 students meet in groups of 5 in my mosaic workshop and design their glass table.

A wonderful farewell gift has been created!

We design the toilets of a Waldorf school in Düsseldorf with the pupils in classes 1-4.


The children created the individual mosaics independently in advance, which are then installed and grouted in the toilet rooms.


The willingness of the children to help design their toilet at school is incredibly great. Every child appreciates their work and that of their classmates and everyone is incredibly proud of their work.


The teachers are overwhelmed by the smooth running and the organization and give us pictures that the students have painted themselves as a thank you.


Over 160 different mosaics now embellish the toilets and it is a pleasure to see how proud the children are!

Projects in collaboration with the          Atelier Robert Kaller

Stadt in Bewegung -

city in movement

Route design in Wuppertal, 2017



The large-format wall mosaics and stair designs were created according to the designs of and in collaboration with Robert Kaller (Master of Fine Arts) You can find more information about the project at:

Atelier Robert Kaller - Stadt in Bewegung

Begleitung der Seele -

Accompanying the soul

Hospice design in Berlin, 2018


In cooperation with Robert Kaller (MFA) and according to his designs, the large-format mosaics of flying and landing cranes - companions of the soul in many cultures - were made in advance in the studio on the web and together with the team of the on-site studio on the roof and on the Facade attached and grouted. Mosaics of blue peacocks - symbols of eternal life - also adorn the outer entrance area. You can find more information about the project at:

Atelier Robert Kaller - Begleitung der Seele

Fotos: Atelier Robert Kaller